Why do Atheists debate Christians?

Why do Atheists debate Christians? Because Christianity is Dangerous. Therefore, Atheists participate in Atheist Versus Christian chat rooms. 


1. Christians are dangerous because they would be the same kind of nut case extremists as Moslems if the Founders had not prevented the US from becoming a Theocracy, whereby Christians demanded that we “obey” the Laws of the Bible. If you want to see what those laws of god are that demand you Christians kill nonChristians, then go to: http://www.evilbible.com.Yes, you claim you don’t believe anyone should “kill nonChristians” but the problem is that you “believe” in the Bible that makes those demands. Either you are a bible-believing Christian, or you are not. 


2. Christians are slow, blockheaded, and primitive thinkers, who are waging a war against Science. If there is any doubt in your mind, listen to the largest Christian radio outlet the American Family Radio Station, (AFR) that states that a) evolution never happened, b) stem cell research is bad, c) the bible is inerrant, although the bible says the earth is flat, the earth is held down by mountains, and the Sun revolves around the Earth. The anti science Christain march against science is ongoing and dangerous, up to and including Christian schools and home schooled children not learning the basics of science, and not preparing them for the real world and a college education that is increasingly demanding knowledge of science and technology.


3. Christians have “packed” school text book committees especially in the South and have demanded that the bible’s version of “creationism” be taught either in lieu of Science, or parallel to science. Ridiculous. Christians also want a “sanitized” version of American history that portrays the Puritans as nice little people, who in fact murdered the very Indians who fed and took care of them, and kept the Puritans from starving to death. Today, Christians, led by Glenn Beck, is leading tours all over Washington DC making outrageous claims that the US was “founded on Christianity.” All of the nonChristian Deists who founded the US would be rolling over in their graves if they heard this. 


4.Many of the most important Founders were NOT Christians, they were Deists who stated that Nature was god, and the Natural, logical world was the only world that was evident and relevant. None of the Founders believed in or practiced religious supernaturalism or believed in Christian religious magic. The Founders also said that as human beings it was our “nature to be free” (meaning today, our DNA), and that the Creator was not any version of the Christian god, but Nature. Nature is the ultimate Creator. The Founders also said that every American citizen had a “right to happiness” whatever that might be, which may or may not include various religions, or no religions. Why “happiness” was put into the Bill of Rights, was that some elements of Christianity required people to “suffer” and deny themselves on many levels (The Puritans), because Jesus suffered, then so should we. 


In fact, nearly all of the buildings built by the Founders and George Washington are replicas of Greek and Roman architecture, in recognition of the fact that it was Greek and Roman thought that brought us to the point in history…where people had a right to be their own free persons. Glenn Beck, and historical revisionist and paid liar, David Barton will point to the “Ten Commandments” as being Christian. No, they are not, they are Jewish in origin. Secondly, the “Ten Commandments” were well known in the Middle East by Pagans and nonJews, and certainly nonChristians. Furthermore, there are statues and paintings of Mohammad as well as Zeus, as the “law givers.” Christianity is NOT the only religion represented in history of the founding of our country. Lastly, the most important influence in founding the US was by the Masons….i.e. the US Constitution and Bill of Rights was almost copied word for word from Mason documents. 


5. Christians are anti women rights and freedom. Christianity is a patriarchy, in which “men” demand to control women’s very lives and their bodies, up to and including being anti abortion. Although one third of all pregnancies end up in spontaneous abortions and miscarriages, the bible does not prohibit abortion, Christians, however, have a tendency to just make things up and now are being “conditioned” to believe they have a right to invade a woman’s privacy, and control her body while pregnant. This is the thinking of nut cases and psychopaths reminiscent of Hitler and the Nazis. 


6. The Christian history of demanding that the “church” control all knowledge, has put the world behind in progress by 2000 years. In looking at the science, medicine, engineering and intellectual thought that was developed BEFORE Christianity, the world was on its way to a modern world. However, as soon as Christianity and then Islam began dominating many countries, this progress stopped for the next 1700 years. If Christianity had not stopped the influence of reason, logic, and respect for reality and the proliferation of science, the US could terraformed Mars by now, and solved all major medical, environmental, and social problems. Progress began again, when the Founders of the US removed ALL Christian demands for religious laws, a state church, and oppression of nonChristian thought…and this caused the US to zoom past all other countries in every field and remains so today. Christianity’s hypocrisy is that it only finds science and technology useful when it can be used to control and brainwash people and win converts.


7. In listening to more than 1000 sermons and hours of Christian radio, and doing research into “Dominionism”….which is the Christian idea that the US Bill of Rights and the US Constitution violates “god’s laws.” Therefore, Christians state that when they are able to “take the US back for Jesus,” the Bill of Rights and the Constitution will be eliminated and the Bible and god’s laws will once again “rule the US.” The problem is that again, the bible says clearly to “kill” those who do not believe in the same imaginary god as they do. The bible is NOT tolerant. Again, go to http://www.evilbible.com” and see a collection of “god’s laws” that demand the killing of  nonChristians, and promotes and approves of slavery, the rape of women, and brutal torture. God in his wisdom, apparently does like abortion his way, which includes “slitting the bellies open of pregnant women” and “ripping out babies and dashing their heads against the rocks.” 


8. Christians “brain wash” children, and all other vulnerable, and insecure people, taking advantage of them by offering “magic tricks” to fix their problems (just pray and Jesus will heal you, send you money, make you loved and attractive, etc.). In brain washing children, it is especially serious, because to reinforce this kind of terrorism, Christians use blackmail, threats, and extortion on young children, telling they will “go to hell and suffer forever if they don’t believe in god and Jesus.” This is child abuse. Children have no choice, and no way to determine for themselves if what they are being threatened with is real or not, and as young children this kind of imprinting can last a life time…leading many adults to become neurotic, and emotional basket cases, and have to seek psychopatherapy to get over this kind of “instilled” guilt and foreboding. If anyone would like to see what kind of brain washing and interrogation tactics that are used on children visit YouTube.com and search for “Jesus Camp.” It will curl your hair. 


9. Christians claim to be superior in all things. Once saved, and told they are a “new person,” many Christians believe that whatever comes into their “minds” is the truth, cuz’ Jesus told them what to say without a single iota of proof or sense of reality. Nothing seems to affect such brain washed Christians, as they do not require any proof or research on any level nor do Christians offer any “proof” of their claims. When presented with proof that maybe counter to Christianity’s claims, Christians simply ignore reality and proof, and continue on, often creating another “lie” to defend Christianity without end, apology, or correction. This makes Christians incapable of self regulation, self reflection, infantile, and unable to “grow up.” Worse, felons in prison are over represented by Christianity, because it claims Christians are “forgiven in advance.” 


Christians are not superior to nonChristians, in fact, the smartest people in the world, who brought Christians into the light and able to use electricity and computers are Atheists: Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and 1000s of other scientists and inventors. Fully 95% of the 30,000 National Union of Scientists polled indicated they were Atheists. Why? Because there is zero proof of a god, or divine thingy of any kind. And on a personal note, I would much rather believe a scientist than any preacher, preaching his or her best sermon. If prayer actually worked to cure sickness, then there would be no reason for Christians to run to doctors and hospitals when they become ill or injured.


10. The idea that a 30 year old man who found out he was “god’s son” when he was 30 years of age, and baptised by a crazy man (John the Baptist at the Jordan River) who ate bugs and wore a scratchy hair shirt, could then put himself into the position to be beaten nearly to death, and then commit suicide by cop (Roman soldier)…who then “died for everyone’s sins” if we just believe in him…is the delusions of a paranoid schizophrenic and a lunatic. If such a crucifiction happened at all, there is no proof that any such Jesus died on any cross. Furthermore, who ever wrote the bible was a gentile and did not know Jewish law that prohibits Jews from trying, convicting, and then killing a man on the Sabbath or Passover. There is no proof that Jesus ever lived, or any of the other characters in the Jesus story before the 4th Century AD. 


11. There is ample proof that Roman Catholic version of Christianity was created by the Pagan Emperor, Constantine, who had an active hand in choosing which one of the 12 known versions of the Jesus myth they would use to create a new religion. Why did Constantine need to create a new religion? Because of many reasons. First, Constantine was a brilliant administrator, who needed to get everyone on the same page, his page. Before Constantine, there were numerous pagan religions who Secondly, Constantine wanted to create a state church in which he could also create a state tax to finance the Roman empires ever enlarging wars, and also move the capital from Rome to Constantinoble (which he did). Thirdly, Constantine was afraid of the powerful Praetorian Guards (worshippers of Mithra), who historically had assassinated a number of Cesars, and ergo, Constantine was afraid he would be assassinated. However, the Roman Catholic Forgery Factory continued to pump out new myths and imaginary feast days, etc. for the next 800 years. 


Here are just some of the Jesus myths that are still evident in the bible and other corollary writings, especially among the Gnostics: The Jesus warrior for the Roman Empire; the Jesus who was the King of the Jews who was going to defeat the Roman Empire; the Jesus who was never a man, but a god in heaven; the Jesus who was only a man, and not a divine god; the Jesus who was going to rebuild the temple; the Jesus who was just a Rabbi and a teacher; the Jesus who “knew” the mind of god and acted as an intercessionary agent; the Jesus who was coming at the End of the World and would punish all the Jews’ enemies; the Jesus, who was an ordinary “Joe” that every man could be come if pure enough, and so on. The most interesting part of studying the Gospels is that it is a mish mash of various myths, and there are so many errors and conflicts about what Jesus really ‘said’ that if anyone attempted to send it to a publishing house today, the bible would be sent back for massive edits. However, in studying the bible, there is evident some 20,000 edits by at least 200 authors. No, Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John did not write the Gospels…no one knows who all the authors were, but its obvious they were not Jews. 


It might also be worthy of noting that the most successful, peaceful, crime free societies today are overwhelmingly Atheist: Norway, Denmark, and Sweden…and many other European countries are also increasingly Atheist. Fifty percent of Jews are now Atheist, because World War II in which 6 million Jews, and a total of 14 million people died with a prayer to god and Jesus on their lips to save them…Entire families were wiped out, all good people who the imaginary god did not save. If god can’t change history, or save people, what use is belief and faith in such an imaginary divine thingy? 


12. Christians will deny that the bible is a myth. Christians will also deny that there is not one single bit of original doctrine in Christianity. Christians will tell you that god wrote the bible, either by himself, or by divine inspiration, but that the Bible is “all true” and without error. But, before the Jesus myth, there were hundreds of other Messiahs with the same kind legends attached to them as the Jesus myth. Many parts of the Old Testament (Jewish Tenach) were copied directly from Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Zoroastrian myths. Jesus was also patterned after Mithra whose religious participants had “communion” with wine and bread, the forgiveness of sins, life ever lasting for believers, was sacrificed for sinners, and included Mithra’s birthday, December 25th, and born of a virgin. Mithra also performed healings and miracles. Have you  now heard enough to see the line of the Jesus myth. There is nothing original in the Jesus myth. None. The Jesus myth was just one of the very last myths to be invented in that era. Others were also invented and became popular, but were suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church as it came to rule the remnants of the Roman Empire.


The very fact that Christians promote themselves as superior by some how getting sprinkled and dunked with water and belief without any further education or thought….and with Jesus whispering in their ear is hypocritical and creates a mentally ill society filled with delusional people. Has anyone ever noticed that there is an excess of churches in the poorest parts of town? Has anyone connected the dots and found that poor people are poor, because they are often highly religious to the point that they all believe Jesus is going to give them stuff they didn’t earn or deserve…sort of like winning the lottery. Black preachers and Pentacostal churches are some of the worse, most myth filled, lying jerks on this planet, who keep people poor….There is NO substitute for an education, logic, reason, and reality. None. 


Once a person believes “whole hog” in a myth, then that person becomes vulnerable and can believe in any other attractive myth presented to them….up to and including today’s American politics in which the US is suffering the worst crises of confidence in an American president, who was elected based on “faith” (meaning no proof) that this president would be the new Messiah. 


13. Christians demand that human beings have “faith” …meaning that they stop thinking, stop using logic, reason, and reality, stop doing research, stop asking questions, …and in fact, go blind, deaf, and dumb and stop acting like adults and become in awe of a myth on the same level as a five year old child with its mouth agape believing Santa Claus and all the bright shiny lights are real. Faith means that the “faithful” becomes “child like.” In fact, Christians are referred to as “sheep” (with IQs of about 10) to be led around by preachers, priests, and churches in a mindless “flock.” And of course, the “flock” i.e. the congregation is never allowed to ask any serious questions, or demand answers or proof of the reality of the religious dogma presented to them. How insulting. Its on the same level as a parent stating to a child: Obey me because I’m the Daddy, and don’t ask why …or else. 


14. In fact, what happens when someone prays is the very same thing that happens to a person in a state of hypnosis, when they are told to “close their eyes, and listen only to the sound of the preacher’s voice. The preacher then creates “images” that under hypnosis become real. Cumulatively, over time this type of hypnotic conditioning, causes the individual to have these imaginary images imbedded  in their minds….as if all of the events and images described by the preacher really happened. This explains how and why people talk about Jesus as if he or she is standing right next to them, when in fact, they are talking to the walls. In fact, in “selling” Jesus and Christianity, since the 1960s, the image of Jesus has changed from being an all powerful “god” to being your buddy, and the good friend you always wanted…who can’t really do much. But, believing in such myths is crazy-making behavior that should have ended with the Age of Enlightenment and Reason in the 17th Century AD. Today’s Christianity is attempting to run back to the 12th Century…and we fear, if Christians take political control of this country, back to the Inquisitions and burning people at the stake.  


15. Again, there is zero proof outside of the bible that Jesus or the apostles lived, or any one in Jesus’ family existed. None. Not a single person wrote a sentence about Jesus, his family, friends, etc. at the time Jesus was said to have existed. Apparently, Jesus was also an illiterate who was incapable of writing and wrote nothing himself. Not one of the 50,000 people who is said to have witnessed Jesus preach wrote a word. They did not scratch a single cross on the wall in the first century. No one in the first century took any clay and created Jesus as a house god.  Not one. And this is important. There is not one single “original” (key term) Christian text in existence before the 4th century AD. (Please do not show me “copies” of what people “guess” are from the first century. Copies are not allowed as evidence anywhere.) From the best theological scholars, Jesus is a myth. And, this Jesus myth is a calculated hoax, a fraud, and a forgery in which Christian texts appear to be of the same kind of writing and sentence structure as the Roman Flavians who existed before and after Pagan Emperor Constantine and had a direct influence on the Roman Cesars and the history of Roman Empire. 


And, it appears that the Flavians wrote the four Gospels as a joke. The jokes included the concept that Jesus rode to town on an ass; Jesus cured a man of blindness by spitting in his eyes, Jesus was rather wimpy, and never married, but spent the night with a near naked 15 year old boy, explaining the “Kingdom of God” to him, referring to Jesus as being a homosexual; he walked on water, was born of a virgin, and that he committed suicide so that all our sins could be “forgiven” in advance. Jesus made a living as a street magician, and at dinner parties turning wine into water (every Roman’s dream come true), and so on. Jesus is the joke, a mere cartoon figure and imitation of the mighty, muscular Roman and Greek gods worshipped at the time. 


16. Christianity is the ONLY theological ideology in the history of the world that has a entire field dedicated to lying, called Apologetics. Apologetics teaches Christians in theology school to make up one excuse after another to counter when their lies and lack of proof are exposed. In any other field of science, if a person is found to be “lying” or untruthful, or who cannot support their claims with actual facts…they are kicked out of that field and their professional reputations ruined. If a Christian is a successful liar, they are told that they are  a man of god and “good preacher.” 


17. Christianity is about making money, big money. No one knows how much money Christianity brings in selling Jesus products, but its in the billions. As churches are not taxed for selling Jesus products, they are also depriving communities and states of tax dollars to support and pay for all the services they use like street improvements, fire and police department services, utilities, and capital expenditures. Mega churches like that of Joel Osteen’s church in Houston, Texas bring in $17 million dollars a year (quote from Joel Osteen)…that we know of. When the American Family Radio station went on a hiatus and claimed that the “End Days” (end of the world) was here, Christians sent in $101 million dollars in just a few months. Was any of that money returned when the End of the World did not materialize? No. Nor has the Justice Department, or any state attorney general ever investigated this scam….because its a religion. In the TV series, American Greed, at least five different documentaries showed how “preachers” were engaged in selling stocks, low, cost, but expensive cars, and other schemes to turn “church money” into Big Dollars. 


When Oral Roberts was alive, my mother was an attorney and handled a court case in which a mail man was skimming cash payments to Roberts…The mail man stated on the witness stand that Oral Roberts was taking in $20,000 a day in contributions…and that was in 1966. Today, that would be about $100,000 a day in contributions, all untaxed, all unaccounted for, in which “Oral” and any other preacher can make any claim or promise they want without any examination or proof. This is outrageous. And, no other group in the US who sells products is allowed to make such false claims and promises without the “law” coming to arrest and indict them. Religions should not be allowed to make false claims without providing proof of their claims, or following through on their promises.


When I was a Christian, I was in a traveling church choir and went on a bus tour through the South and into Texas. In many Christian homes, I saw Oral Robert’s literature in which he used the most sexually veiled language to “seduce” older women and widows into sending Oral Roberts all of their money. Oral Robert’s almost pornographic spiel went like this: 


Are you lonely, do you feel a deep need to feel the love of Jesus inside of you. Let the “seed” of Jesus’ faith enter you, and let it swell in you like a mustard seed, growing every day with Jesus’ love, fulfilling you with peace and happiness. Only Jesus can make you happy, make you feel fulfilled and remove the sadness  and sickness from your life. Jesus loves you, as only Jesus can….and so on. 


I later learned that Oral Roberts and  many other TV and Radio preachers sent billions of pieces of mail, all with a different message based on a person’s zip code, and written for those with various incomes, types of employment, and especially widows, young single mothers, minorities, Hispanics, and older married couples. All of these different messages were created based on demographic information written by a person  proficient in human psychology and public relations. It is not a secret that in the 1960s when people began leaving the church for New Age religions, Christian “fathers” sought out and hired the best PR firms in the US who created the “new, improved, Jesus, i.e. your buddy and friend”…and were furthermore told to cut the “hell fire and brimstone” out of their sermons. “Hell” just didn’t scare people any more. 


The good news is that Christianity is on the decline. According to a Pew poll, 1 out of 5 Americans state they are either Atheists, Agnostics, or nonbelievers, or are not religious. One out of 4 people polled between the ages of 15 and 25 state they are Atheists or nonbelievers. And this group of Atheists is continuing to grow. One reason is that Jesus simply cannot compete with all the video games in which god-like action figures make Jesus look like a wimp and a coward. Jesus is not the only myth in town anymore. As a further indication that less people are buying into Christianity, the American Family radio station states that in the last 10 years, more than 175,000 Christian churches have closed, or been foreclosed. This is down to 325,000 churches from an all time high of 500,000 Christian churches. Almost daily, the Christian American Family Radio station admits that Christianity is on the decline….but the most interesting part of this drama is that Christians are unwilling to examine themselves, their religion, their preaching practices, their history, and the myth of the bible to understand “why” Christianity is on the decline. 


Christianity was FORCED to change and become tolerant when the Founders, half of whom were Masons and the rest influenced by Masonic ideology, demanded individual human rights, and the separation of church and state. Christianity’s little secret (but not so secret if you listen closely to their sermons and radio stations) is that they want to go back to the “good old days” when the church and state were one, and preachers and priests ruled human beings like slaves. No thank you. 


Christianity is dangerous, has always been dangerous, and remains dangerous as long as the “evil” bible demands human beings worship an imaginary god, and priests and preachers claim they speak for god. Thus, when someone says “God/Jesus said…..” I always ask how did you get to speak for Jesus? Why can’t Jesus or god speak for themselves….and “which version of god do you want me to believe in?” That usually stumps them. 


I also predict, there will be a brain washed Christian who will state that the bible is all true, and probably warn me with bible verses that if I don’t “confess my sins and ask forgiveness”and believe in Jesus I am going to hell. And worse, tell me that Jesus is real. 

 Prove it. That’s all Christians have to do. 



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